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Orange County Loss Mitigation

Save your home, and your credit, with Orange County loss mitigation from Salee Zawerbek and First Team Real Estate! At First Team Real Estate, it’s our job to make sure you are living comfortably and stress-free in your Orange County home. And that means not being burdened by the unbearable weight of an impossible home loan. When you contact us here by email, or over the phone, about your Orange County loan mitigation, you won’t just find a financial “coach” telling you to eat rice and beans every day of the week: we specialize in finding innovative solutions for restructuring and paying off your home loan—without the gimmicks. You didn’t plan on having trouble paying your loan, but so many factors can lead to difficulty: medical emergencies, illnesses, the unexpected loss of a job or an accident.

At First Team Real Estate, we will work with you to help bring your mortgage payments down to a level you can afford. We’ll help you to stay in your home, and help rescue your credit in the process. With Orange County loss mitigation from Salee Zawerbek, you can stop a pending foreclosure and get the loan help you need—our years of experience in the real estate business are at your disposal. All you have to do is call Salee Zawerbek today!


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